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Client picture: Johnny & Julie
Johnny & Julie
13 July 2018
The best photographer... Dimas is exceptionally talented and the shots he took for our pre wedding shoot had our family and friends wowing at our wedding reception we were impressed with his work and his friendliness he is such a great person He knew where to go and was very flexible and got some amazing shots We can’t thank you Dimas enough for giving us pictures that we will cherish for our entire life If we could give him more marks then 5 we will Thanks Dimas and if anyone is interested in booking a photographer in Koh Samui don’t look anywhere else just book Dimas
Client picture: Daisy Borah
Daisy Borah
23 June 2018
We cannot describe how happy we are to receive our amazing photos from Dimas. We highly recommend Dimas, he is a fantastic, amazing and very professional photographer. He made our photoshoot very fun and relaxed. Thank you so much.
Client picture: Peggy Shum
Peggy Shum
20 June 2018
Dimas is a caring, energetic and artistic photographer. He checked my perference, costume and made the photo shoot a story telling process and customized one. He is gifted with camera eye and able to capture your best angle. It's my pleasure to work with him. His work brings back my memories and laughters of the amazing holiday.
Client picture: Ajeet K Gupta
Ajeet K Gupta
10 March 2018
Thank You Dimas for taking incredible pictures of us on our honeymoon. Photo shoot was fun and wonderful.We couldn't believe how wonderful pictures were taken by you. Even you made us laugh to capture our emotions and made us enjoy the photo shoot even in hot and humid weather. Thank you .Hope to see you again next year.
Client picture: Joanne Chan
Joanne Chan
07 March 2018
We booked Dimas for half day pre wedding shooting and we love the result. Dimas is friendly, helpful and funny. He helped to pick the shooting locations quickly with his great understanding of Koh Samui. He made us feel comfortable and enjoy a lot during the shooting! He also retouched all photos! All photos are so beautiful!! Thanks Dimas!! Strong recommend to pick Dimas for photo-shooting in Koh Samui!!!
Client picture: Christopher Madden-McKee
Christopher Madden-McKee
15 September 2019
My partner and I had the privilege of having Dimas take us for a proposal photo shoot in Koh Samui. We enjoyed it so much that we went for another photo shoot the next day! Dimas is a very talented photographer and he has a relaxed and funny personality to put you at ease and create some very special photos. I would highly recommend Dimas as a photographer!
Client picture: Alejandra & Kevin
Alejandra & Kevin
31 August 2019
We chose Dimas for our engagement shoot while vacationing in Thailand, mostly based on reviews. Reviews were spot on - we absolutely loved both our experience on the day of shooting and our pictures! He is very easy-going, guided us while still allowing for spontaneity and natural photos, and we loved his perspective/angles. Absolutely recommend him.
Client picture: Sarbesh Rizal
Sarbesh Rizal
31 August 2019
Dimas responds quickly and did our photo session on a last moment's notice. We loved the pictures he sent us and would highly recommend him.
Client picture: Vera Tornow
Vera Tornow
31 August 2019
There no words to explain how good his work is. WOW. Was a pleasure to work with him. Brilliant. THANK YOU!
Client picture: Wannapa Meechok
Wannapa Meechok
31 August 2019
Is was my first photographer and it coming out so perfect thank to you to make it so beautiful 💓
Client picture: Diana Azavedo
Diana Azavedo
25 July 2019
Dimas is an extremely professional photographer for a keen eye for aesthetic beauty captured with ease on camera. I had the opportunity to work with him on a yoga shoot recently in Koh Samui. The theme was Yoga. I absolutely loved how the photos have turned out. He was patient and guided him carefully through each pose allowing it to be graceful and strong as the posture demanded. Excellent feedback. Highly recommended.
Client picture: Vladimira & Andrey
Vladimira & Andrey
20 July 2019
Dimas is a professional! He knows Koh Samui locations like the back of his hand. You don’t need to think about anything with him: he is both a director and an adviser. And trust me – when he look at you - he already knows your best angle, so all you have to do is listen to him. And this is what made me and my husband felt sooo good! By the way throughout the shooting - Dima was easy and fun to work with. We laughed so much! The result of the photos are 100% satisfied!
Client picture: Charmaine & Andrew
Charmaine & Andrew
10 July 2019
We did a full day engagement shoot with Dimas while we were in Samui for 3 days and had such a great time. Not only did he get amazing shots of us, but he showed us so many beautiful spots around the island that we otherwise may not have found. It was like having our own professional photographer and tour guide in one! We were not used to the scorching 40 degrees heat, but Dimas made sure we were comfortable and had a good time. Our family and friends adore our photos and we get compliments all the time! 😊
Client picture: Shaun Romy
Shaun Romy
28 June 2019
I had an amazing time shooting with Dimas in Koh Samui. I am so happy I was able to do a shoot with him 🌸🌺 He is such a lively, fun and warm person. I had to leave Koh Samui that day so I was pressed for time. We shot for about 1.5 hours. And we did 3 different looks in this time. He is really quick and spontaneous. His team was very sweet and fun as well. He asked me what type of pictures I wanted and what outfits I’ll be wearing. He immediately understood what I wanted and he gave me lots of inputs as well. And he also gave me a lots of tips through the shoot. It’s nice when you get instant feedback. It’s really amazing when you find a photographer who has the kind of insight like he does. So I feel lucky to have worked with him. And the photos are just amazing!! I just really want to say Thank you! so so much 😊😊😊😊😊 🌸🌺🌸🌺
Client picture: Linda & Fong
Linda & Fong
18 April 2019
Dimas is an awesome photographer! He arrived on time while I was late but he patiently waited. His work is marvelous as much as it is special. He made our day as wonderful as can be. We chose the best photographer there is on the island. We highly recommend his services to anyone whether it's for your wedding or other special events on the island. If we had to do it all over we would still choose him to be our photographer. Thank you Dimas! You were such a delight to work with and our photos turned out lovely! As always there isnt enough time on paradise and we enjoyed every moment of our special day. Thanks for your patience again with us being late to our own wedding as we try to resolve finding a ring for my husband as he lost his days prior to our wedding. We thank you for your understanding. We hope we weren't too difficult to work with. Thank you again!
Client picture: Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva
15 April 2019
Great photographer, great photos!!! We recently had a family vacation in Koh Samui and asked Dimas to do a family shoot. It was a great experience and the photos absolutely brilliant. We had been talking about doing something like this for a while but were unsure. Now we are so happy that we chose to go ahead. Dimas is funny, a great photographer, and all-round great guy. If you are in Samui and wish to capture some memorable moments drop him a line.
Client picture: Sharmeen Shroff
Sharmeen Shroff
02 April 2019
Dimas has been photographing our family for the past 4 years. He’s always been incredibly patient with us and makes sure we get all the shots we want. His photos are fantastic and I have no hesitation recommending his services!
Client picture: Maria & Sergey
Maria & Sergey
26 March 2019
We chose Dima as a photographer for our wedding photo shoot and did not regret it for a minute! Dima is a true professional in his field! The photo session was easy and relaxed as a pleasant walk through the beautiful places of the island. We got more than 100 photos, more than half of which I want to print and hang on the wall . If you consider yourself to be non - photogenic, clamped and you do not know how to pose-do not worry, Dima will dispel all your complexes and help to look in the frame in the best way. And in addition to professional qualities Dima is just a very responsive and friendly person. We are delighted with the process and the result of the photo shoot with Dima! We wish him further prosperity and creative victories! Thank you for our memories! ♥♥♥
Client picture: Joobin ghasemi
Joobin ghasemi
24 March 2019
Amazing Photos... He is the Best for Family Photo Shooting. Thanks Dimas for your nice pictures.
Client picture: Ali Altammar
Ali Altammar
20 March 2019
On top of being a very talented photographer, Dimas was very friendly and immediately put me at ease during our shoot. The locations he took me to were spectacular and the end product was great!
Client picture: Sahar Mati
Sahar Mati
14 February 2019
Do not hesitate to contact Dimas for the best photographs in Koh Samui. Big thank you for my pictures. / Sa from sweden
Client picture: Carine Souvannavong
Carine Souvannavong
13 February 2019
Awesome work! Dimas was able to put our 2 yo at ease and the pregnancy shooting looked really good. Highly recommended to immortalise family moments in Koh Samui!
Client picture: Andrea Lilik
Andrea Lilik
03 February 2019
Planning our wedding, our best decision was to ask Dimas to take our photos on Koh Samui. He's a great photographer, helped us with all the little detailes so the poses and the compositions look good, and he's also a good companion. :) Spent a nice afternoon with him with lots of laughters... And the results... oh my, we love each and every photo he took of us, I could spend hours just staring at them. <3 Thank you Dimas! I hope we will meet again. ☺️
Client picture: Qiunan Shao Lautour
Qiunan Shao Lautour
19 January 2019
We just received our pictures and they are absolutely amazing! Dimas was very professional and very pleasant to work with. He captured many great shots of our family. I’m so happy that I decided to do this shooting. They are the best pictures we’ve ever had. Highly recommend!
Client picture: Raj Khokha
Raj Khokha
19 January 2019
We are so happy with the photos taken by Dimas of 3 generations of our family! I would say, these are the best photographs we have had taken anywhere! As others have said, he is comfortable to work with, at ease, funny, friendly, and brings the best out of his clients, which result in the genuine smiles and emotions evident in the pics. "Wow" and "magazine-like photos" are the most common reactions we have received from our friends. Top recommendation for this gentleman, and something to treasure forever.
Client picture: Ilona Tatarinova
Ilona Tatarinova
16 January 2019
Absolutely amazing experience having shoot with Dimas!!!! 🔥🔥🔥Was my second time already and definitely won’t be the last! Dima is very professional, very helpful and you feel so comfortable with him. And result you got you won’t expect t better. Trust me. It’s always the best part of you! New you ! Better you !!! Stunning pictures! Make you happy ! Thank you, Dima !!! And definitely see you next time 😋
Client picture: Lalit & Kanta
Lalit & Kanta
11 January 2019
Thank you so much Dimas for the lovely photoshoot, We enjoyed it very much ,All the pictures are amazing ! I m in love with your photography and of-course the pictures 😀 Looking forward to shoot again with you soon .
Client picture: Olga Kim
Olga Kim
08 January 2019
Hi, Dimas is a very friendly professional focused on ensuring great outcome but also pleasant and enriching time during the shooting. I love the pictures that he made and enjoyed the process a lot too. His instructions were very precise and clear and it defenetly well reflected in the quality of pictures. I am looking forward to returning to Koh Samui and having a family shooting next time! Thank you so much!
Client picture: Vanessa & Yves
Vanessa & Yves
08 January 2019
Hi just to say I did some pictures on the beach with Dimas. I was more than happy while we took the pics, but I was astonished by the outcome. The pics are very nice, all my family is so happy ! I wish to say Dimas was so talented despite our baby cried a lot, still Dimas managed to do very nice pics. Thanks again, I will keep those pics all my life !!!
Client picture: Eva Harris
Eva Harris
04 January 2019
I really enjoyed my shooting with Dimas. He is reliable, professional, and very funny. The pictures turned out amazing! Looking forward to shooting again with him in the future :) Thank you!
Client picture: Candice & Patrick
Candice & Patrick
03 January 2019
We had an enjoyable photo session with Dimas. I am not a photogenic person and somehow get a little nervous when I see the camera. Dimas was very professional and a real artist. He learnt our face; put us at ease and taught us how to pose to look perfect. We turned out had a lot of fun during the photo shooting. Thanks again Dimas!
Client picture: Natalia & Hayden
Natalia & Hayden
03 November 2018
Dimas made our Samui holiday even more memorable, extremely professional, fun, entertaining, he knows all the great spots, not to mention the quality of his work including editing is superb. We are really happy we took time to research and find Dimas before going to Koh Samui. Would highly recommend you get a package with the car as you get to see more of the quieter side of the island where tourists don't normally go, and get your own tour guide for the day :)
Client picture: Azer & Anya
Azer & Anya
27 October 2018
Dimas is great photographer! We had our wedding in Koh Samui and Dimas was professional, by that I mean not only best quality photos, but also his attitude to persons he is shooting. He is friendly and gives good advices, to make you feel more comfortable at the time of big event. He knows his job, and as the results all the photos are just great! Photos are very emotional, it is amazing to look at them, as they remind you of the emotions you felt at the wedding. I would definitely advice to work with Dimas. He is real professional in all the meaning of this word.
Client picture: Pamela Thein
Pamela Thein
27 October 2018
Dimas is not only a very patience and talented professional photographer. He is funny, gave great advices and making you most at ease while we are doing the photoshoot. Love his works, he really did chose the right places for both of my outfits. I thought I was about to receive all the pics in 3weeks time but in fact it came in earlier than I expected. Was so so happy that I had chose Dimas as my photographer in Samui, will definitely be Dimas if I will to travel to Samui for another photoshoot. Thank you so much Dimas for all the great photos
Client picture: Nikki & Phillip
Nikki & Phillip
23 October 2018
My fiancé and I had our pictures done by Dimas and we love everything about it. The wait wasn’t that long to come back to us. We lived in America and it was not hard to keep contact. Dimas answers right away and very on top of things. He shows us how to pose since it was our first time taking professional pictures. He made us feel very comfortable. We enjoy having him and I will recommend him to everyone! He was perfect and professional. A few of my favorites!! 10 ⭐️ experience!!
Client picture: Mohamed & Imane
Mohamed & Imane
09 October 2018
Words cannot describe how happy we are to receive our incredible photos by Dimas. We booked Dimas for half day shooting session and we love the result. Dimas is friendly, helpful, funny and very responsive. He is a caring, energetic, artistic and very professional photographer. He is gifted with camera eye and able to capture your best angle. He helped to pick the shooting locations quickly with his great understanding of Koh Samui. He made us feel comfortable and enjoy a lot during the shooting! He also retouched all photos! All photos are so beautiful!! Thanks Dimas...we love your work!! I Strongly recommend to pick Dimas for photo-shooting in Koh Samui.
Client picture: Adriana & Mantilla
Adriana & Mantilla
09 October 2018
First off, thank you for doing such a wonderful job and capturing such a special moment in our lives. On our honeymoon to Koh Samui, we were lucky enough to find and hire Dimas Frolov Photography for a photoshoot. Overall, he produced magnificent images which reflect his creative abilities and technical expertise. Further, he was extremely easy to work with and communicate from the beginning of the process (inquiry, prices, etc) to the end (actual photoshoot, image delivery, etc). I highly recommend Dimas for any photography needs in Koh Samui!
Client picture: Irina & Ruslan
Irina & Ruslan
16 September 2018
Dimas is really great photograph! All photos from our wedding are just amazing! You can see and feel emotions at our pictures, it is the best criterium for a professional photograph. Thank you Dimas so much!
Client picture: Chau
03 September 2018
Thank you so much for the stunning photos of my family. You were very friendly and even managed to get my very shy son to open up and smile. You bring a lot of energy and helpful advice. You captured some beautiful images of our wonderful holiday in Thailand.
Client picture: Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams
03 August 2018
Dimas is very talented and the shots he took for our honeymoon shoot was amazing as we say in wales. They was LUSH <3 great person He knows where to go and was very flexible and got some amazing shots we loved it in "Dusit Dhewa - Samui Cultural Center. We can’t thank you Dimas enough for giving us pictures that we will cherish for the rest of our life <3 Thanks Dimas and if anyone is interested in booking a photographer in Koh Samui don’t look anywhere else just book Dimas The best photographer 👍 Mark Dimas 5 Gold stars
Client picture: Minh-Thy Tran
Minh-Thy Tran
19 July 2018
We celebrated our 10th anniversary in Koh Samui and wanted to take pictures as a memory. The choice happened to Dimas when we saw that he had taken many nice natural pictures of others. must say we did not regret a second of the choice! Dimas is punctual, nice and very good with children. He was patient and took very natural pictures. He listened to what we wanted and got the most amazing moments! highly recommended!
Client picture: JL and Qi
JL and Qi
03 July 2018
This is our first time doing a photo shoot and it was clear we do not know what to expect or what to do. However when you have a photographer who can put your at ease with his jokes, direct you and tell you what you need to do, give advises and input without sounding condescending or pushy, then clearly you have a winner here and his name is Dimas. From the beginning to the end, Dimas brought us to many different and beautiful locations and we were not only amazed by the view, but we are also amazed by how well he managed to bring all the shots to life. We were waiting anxiously for the pictures and he did not disappoint. We are so happy over it! If you are looking for photoshoots, be it, pre-wedding, wedding in Samui, personal, etc. he's THE MAN you should go to!
Client picture: Vivienna Lim & Suan Loong
Vivienna Lim & Suan Loong
22 June 2018
Very professional and caring. Dimas knows all the isolated places for the best pictures. He puts alot of energy to take the best pictures and we are happy with the results. Highly recommended
Client picture: Elyse & Deep
Elyse & Deep
20 June 2018
Words cannot describe how happy we are to receive our incredible wedding and event photos by Dimas. They are absolute perfection and safe to say the result is better than we could have ever imagined. Hiring Dimas was actually the best decision we made for our wedding. He has given us the perfect gift to last a lifetime. He captured every moment big and small.... All the emotions he captured so perfectly. He's perfectly opinionated to the point that his suggestions saved one of our pre wedding and listen to his suggestions because he will get you the best possible result. It rained on our wedding day and Dimas suggested we shoot around the island another day. It was the best thing.... We got those perfect beach/temple and tropical shots we came to Thailand for. Without Dimas's expertise and advice, we wouldn't have many photos we like at all due to the weather etc... Now the hardest decision is which ones to pick because we love them ALL. From the bottom of our hearts Dimas thank you for all your passion, creativity and hard are just the best there is!!!!!!!!!!! We will absolutely Continue to hire you on our Thailand trips just for those perfect family/anniversary/holiday shots (any excuse)
Client picture: Lyndal & Kain
Lyndal & Kain
20 June 2018
We used Dimas as our photographer for a wedding in Koh Samui in April. He was so relaxed and helpful. Our photographers are absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier. All the photos look so natural and relaxed which is perfect - no stiff poses. I would highly recommend Dimas to anyone considering getting married at Koh Samui.
Client picture: Maria & Chris
Maria & Chris
20 June 2018
We had our wedding at beautiful Koh Samui in March 2018. My make up artist recommended to use Dima’s services and it was definitely the best choice my husband and I have done. We are so pleased with quality of photos. The waiting period was only 4 weeks till we got all our images. During our multi-cultural wedding Dima has shown his great abilities to communicate with guest in English and Russian languages. Heavy rain didn’t stop him from doing his duties. He has shown high professionalism and punctuality, as well as taking on board all our comments and desires. I highly recommend Dimas services.
Client picture: Celine & Anthony
Celine & Anthony
17 June 2018
I met Dimas 2 years ago for a bikini shoot in Samui. I was impressed by his work. As a professional photographer myself I am very difficult. We decided to get married in Koh Samui on February this year, no doubt that Dimas would be our photographer! The results is just perfect! you are a master of the light, the editing is perfect on every picture! we definitely love them <3 thank you Dimas!!!
Client picture: McMahon Sue
McMahon Sue
31 May 2018
Dimas is a calm and chilled photographer! He has a good eye for the perfect shot! Arriving on time! Efficient and patient! Amiable and flexible! Our family shoot was really great! Loved the photos!!! Thank you, Dimas! Greatly appreciated! You are a gem!
Client picture: Steve and Julia
Steve and Julia
31 May 2018
Julia and I would thoroughly recommend Dimas to any couple wanting to capture a moment in time that celebrates their love whilst staying on Koh Samui. So why would we make such a bold claim? 1. Dimas listened and acted upon all our requests for this photo-shoot. 2. He did not try to upsell us in any way. 3. His knowledge of many private locations on the west side of Samui was perfect for such photography. 4. He knew exactly how to use the available light for these locations for its best advantage. 5. His command of English was good and his directions were clear and pleasant. 6. He charged what he quoted 7. He delivered our images before the promised date. However, the artistic quality contained in so many of his images was truly wonderful. We wanted better than selfies or a fellow resort guest taking happy-snaps! We are a couple that were looking for maturity in the creative aspects of this shoot. This quality was born out in the locations, the angles, the suggested poses and expressions, etc all the while the good banter put us totally at ease. If you put your trust in Dimas I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. We are absolutely delighted with the memories that Dimas captured for us Cheers Steve
Client picture: Alexia Level
Alexia Level
22 May 2018
Très professionnel ! Merci pour ces magnifiques photos.
Client picture: Hiroyuki Ozeki
Hiroyuki Ozeki
01 April 2018
I asked Dimas to coordinate first photo shooting on our anniversary. He is a passionate and professional photographer so we had a fun time. His photograph delights us so much.
Client picture: Raymond & Amy
Raymond & Amy
16 March 2018
My wife and I got married in Koh Samui, Thailand, in Feb 2018 and we used Dimas as our photographer. We did a lot of research on photographers in Koh Samui before we decided to go with Dimas. I have to say going with Dimas was one of the best decisions we made. If you're looking for someone who takes not only takes beautiful photographs but also has an eye for artistic photographs too, then Dimas is your guy! Upon contacting him, we were so happy with how quickly and attentively he responded. Planning a destination wedding from Canada can have its challenges but fortunately, Dimas was quick to respond and addressed pretty much all our questions or concerns we had. He really put out minds at ease. Meeting Dimas on the wedding day - he was on time, cheerful, efficient and very professional. We really appreciate his creativity, insights, and suggestions throughout the entire day as well. Our requirements for our shoot was reconfirmed and everything we asked for was done. Dimas has a great way of making everyone feel at ease, beautiful and captures amazing photos throughout the day that we will cherish forever. Our photos took approximately 3 weeks to receive. We simply love the photos he captured and are so appreciative of his hard work! There are literally hundreds of photos that captured one of the most memorable days of our lives, we couldn't be happier! Thank you again for a job well done. We love our photos and appreciate all the hard work you had put into it. I can tell it’s truly a labour of love. Keep up the great work and continue doing what you do! Much love all the way from Toronto, Canada.
Client picture: Nati Ko
Nati Ko
20 February 2018
Thanks for the wonderful photoshooting day and super photos!!! Best photo experience on Koh Samui! Dimas is a very open, easy going and professional photographer. It was a pleasure to communicate with him. He showed us several gorgeous locations and was always very helpful with posing. Certainly I will choose him for my next photosession on Samui!
Client picture: Kevin and Sharon
Kevin and Sharon
18 February 2018
Dimas helped us for wedding photo shooting. The photo came out beautifully! He fully captures our happiness, as well as excitement! He was super good at inspiring us for good stance, facial expression, etc. In addition, Dimas went beyond and stayed for an extra hour when he learned there will be sparklers in our wedding dinner. So truly truly appreciate that! Thanks again, Dimas, you made our wedding "visually" last forever =)
Client picture: Ksana Vorontsova
Ksana Vorontsova
18 February 2018
Dimas is a great photographer! It was pleasure to work with him. I booked 3 hours of photo shooting and as result amazing photos. I definitely can recommend him.
Client picture: Irina Rogacheva
Irina Rogacheva
14 February 2018
Dimas, thanks a lot for your professionalism and passion you are doing your job, it was such a pleasure to have great photo session. The photos are wonderful and more important there are great memories impressed.
Client picture: Venera Kinziabaeva
Venera Kinziabaeva
01 February 2018
I collaborated with Dimas as a model and decorator. In my opinion he is the perfect photographer! It's very comfortable to work with him. It was easy for me to open up and be myself. He is easy in communication and always softly and gently tells you how to behave in front of the camera. And how he does photo retouching! Those photos that I now have thanks to Dimas, are so sunny and tender. They perfectly complemented my portfolio.
Client picture: Cassy Foster
Cassy Foster
31 January 2018
I just had a yoga retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. I found Dimas via Google, looking for a photographer to shoots some professional photos of the retreat and teachers. He did an amazing job! If I go back I will hire him again.
Client picture: Devin and Jessica
Devin and Jessica
25 January 2018
Our photos turned out SO beautiful! We did a couples shoot with Dimas for our wedding anniversary, and he was so much fun and so easy to work with. The package included hair and makeup, which was super helpful because I couldn't possibly have managed to do makeup that would last in the humid Thailand weather. Dimas did a great job of helping us pick locations (even though heavy rains had flooded some spots), and had creative ideas for unique pictures of us. There are too many gorgeous photos to choose from! Thank you so much, Dimas!
Client picture: Hitomi and Kaare
Hitomi and Kaare
18 January 2018
We booked Dimas for a half-day shooting for, and couldn't be happier with the results. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best, but Dimas planned the day very well so that we managed to get some really nice pictures outside as well in between the multiple rain showers. We were very impressed by his use of natural light and shadows, and managed to make our pictures "pop" even in poor-light situations without the use of a flash. Will definitely use him again if we are to take more pics in Koh Samui!
Client picture: Hoa Pham
Hoa Pham
08 January 2018
Dimas is a very baby friendly photographer. It was not easy to take photographs for our 4 month old baby who constantly cried but he was so fun and patient to capture the precious moments when she had big smiles. Dimas is professional and on time. We went to Samui for a Christmas holiday and brought back good memories, including the beautiful family photos that he took for us. I highly recommend him.
Client picture: Emmanora Al-Shazli
Emmanora Al-Shazli
03 January 2018
We had a beautiful, fun photoshoot with Dimas last august 2017 on one of the most fun vacations we had in Thailand_Koh Samui! Dimas we cant Thank you enough for the beautiful photos, the lovely experience and definetly you made it so memorable. We highlighy recommend everyone to book a session with Dimas and save the happy memories on a nice album like we did?
Client picture: Emma
07 December 2017
Dimas has just sent us our Honeymoon photographs and we are over the moon! He is a highly recommended photographer, very professional and extremely creative! We can’t wait to return to Koh Samui for more pictures with Dimas! Thank you so much.
Client picture: Lokesh Kansal
Lokesh Kansal
03 December 2017
We booked Dimas for a half-day shooting and we just loved the final results. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best when we visited Samui, but Dimas suggested the best locations to avoid crowds and get clear waters in background. Dimas has pretty great understanding about the best shoot locations across the island and he can suggest based on the preferences real quick. Highly creative with exposures lights and shadows which results into great Highly recommended for photoshoots in Koh Samui!!
Client picture: Tati Aragosta
Tati Aragosta
19 November 2017
I wanted to thank Dimas tremendously for professionality and doing an absolutely amazing photoshooting, I am so impressed and so thankful! It was great and very interestingly to work with him.
Client picture: Annet Poly
Annet Poly
16 November 2017
Thanks for the professional work! You are master of your craft! Creatively, fun, easily passed our shooting) the result of the work is stunning!!! Fotos are amazing!!!
Client picture: Rick & Sarah
Rick & Sarah
02 November 2017
Dimas is an amazing photographer. It was great working with him. He was easy going and very delightful to be around. His team of make-up artist and hair dresser were amazing. It rained the day of the shooting and that did not stop him. He was energetic and pleasant the entire full day of the shooting. Once we thought we were done for the day, he still managed to take for photos at the end of the day with the perfect sunset. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and memories of the celebration of our 15 years anniversary on Koh Samui!
Client picture: YL Jo
20 October 2017
It was so good experience and photo shooting work with Dimas. He is so professional and comfortable to work with. I just got all pics today, like them all!! High recommend to work with him when you travel in Koh samui!
Client picture: Jose and Melissa
Jose and Melissa
13 October 2017
I used him for a proposal and he did such an amazing job. Our pictures came out absolutely perfect. He was so easy to communicate with and completely works for you instead of just saying how things are going to be. He's funny, takes his time and is completely entertaining when taking pictures. I would recommend him 10/10 to anyone. He was just amazing!
Client picture: Rahul Jha
Rahul Jha
03 October 2017
I came across Mr Dimas through FB , we booked him for our 1st Year Baby/Family Shoot, we where worried how will we get our little one Clicked and how good will the pictures come up ...but i must say Thanks to Dimas all our Pictures came out soo good ... my little one has so good expressions on his clicks i have not seen those in my real life which i cud see on the pictures.Thanks once again.
Client picture: Amanda and James
Amanda and James
01 October 2017
Dimas was amazing! We had a great time shooting with him on our wedding day.. He is great at direction and has an artistic eye. We highly recommend Dimas. Thank you again Dimas
Client picture: Viva Young
Viva Young
26 September 2017
I was actually running a little late for our shoot, and Dimas was patient and kind to wait at my hostel to take me to a nearby beach. Dimas sure has a way of making a homebody girl feel like a super model. He instantly put me at ease and made the shoot comfortable, fun, and relaxing. I looked to him to guide me on certain poses, and he knew what worked for me. I trusted his judgement and artistic eye, and the results truly speak for themselves. I am immensely pleased with how the photographs came out. From start to end, he's a pro! I can't wait for the next time I visit Koh Samui and shoot with Dimas. You're wonderful.
Client picture: Zach Benson
Zach Benson
25 August 2017
legit. best photographer in samui. do yourself a favor and book Dimas!
Client picture: Pavel and Alexandra
Pavel and Alexandra
24 August 2017
We have enjoyed our wedding ceremony at Koh Samui with Dimas. He has been very helpful and spent many hours with us, finding best spots for photos and sharing his experience. Dimas was very flexible and supported every moment. The outcome is amazing, very high-quality photos and delivered in time. We highly recommend Dimas for any important event you may have on Koh Samui island and we definitely will come back soon for another great shoots!
Client picture: Kathi Michelsen
Kathi Michelsen
24 August 2017
Thanks Dimas for this stunning shooting, which I will never forget. You knew how to put me in a good mood and the results have just been beautiful and will always remind me of a great holiday on Koh Samui. Nice to meet you. Nice greetings from Germany
Client picture: Carla and Simone
Carla and Simone
19 August 2017
Dimas is an absolute treat to work with! He managed to capture every special moment of our wedding day. The photos were unforgettable. The memories perfectly captured. Looking through them took us back to each special moment. He is more than a photographer, he is an artist. We are very happy that we chose him to make our wedding memories last forever. Thank you once again Dimas!
Client picture: Naveen Vats
Naveen Vats
12 August 2017
Awesome work great photographer with fun loving vibes best in samui
Client picture: Natalie and Max
Natalie and Max
31 July 2017
Dimas is an excellent photographer, very professional, helpful and cheerful. It was a pleasure to do our pre-wedding photoshoot session with him! The result is amazing! We love the photos!! Thank you again Dimas for your work!
Client picture: Gigi and Leo
Gigi and Leo
28 July 2017
Very good work, very professional! Thank you very much for the photos. They are awesome! I would highly recommend to anybody planning a holiday in Koh Samui to use him as their photographer!
Client picture: Wannapa Meechok
Wannapa Meechok
27 July 2017
Is was my first photographer and it coming out so perfect thank to you to make it so beautiful 💓
Client picture: Conphia Leung
Conphia Leung
22 July 2017
Dimas is a very passionate and cheerful photographer, he took some great photos for our family and captured many precious moments for my two little boys. We love the photos very much!
Client picture: Karen and Andrew
Karen and Andrew
21 July 2017
Dimas is an amazing photographer. He took pictures of me and my husband for our 10th anniversary in June. The images are beautiful and he was the best to work with. He captured us perfectly and could not be happier we booked him!
Client picture: Gabriela Bueno
Gabriela Bueno
18 July 2017
We used Dimas recently for a promotional photoshoot in Koh Samui. The lighting conditions were less than ideal for what we wanted to do, but Dimas found a way to make it turn out great regardless. We explained what we were after and he was very flexible to get us exactly the type of photos we needed. He arrived punctually and delivered the final photos exactly when he said he would. Overall very professional, friendly, excellent English and his pictures look great! We would definitely recommend working with him if you need a photographer in Koh Samui, we will certainly use him again given the opportunity.
Client picture: Marie
12 July 2017
If I marry in Samui he will be my photographer... He is great with a good energy and the photos came out fantastic. Price is great too. Top
Client picture: Melek and Baturay
Melek and Baturay
30 June 2017
Dimas is an excellent artist and very caring photographer. When we contacted him for our honeymoon/wedding photos he helped us in every detail. He came with an make up/ hair artist, picked us from our hotel asked what we have in our minds and helped creating a magical day. we were too excited about posing and he calmed us by talking and joking, made the moment beyond a photoshoot and we became friends. Just trust him and let yourselves to him guidance. Thank you Dimas for everything, hope to see you again.
Client picture: Jack and Chiew
Jack and Chiew
21 June 2017
Dimas is a really creative and wonderful photographer. He played along well for the proposal surprise and captured the perfect moments beautifully. He has a great sense of angles and ideas for shots. We were really glad he was our photographer at Koh Samui. Definitely highly recommend as all of the shots produced were captured beautifully. Thank you so much Dimas.
Client picture: Ronza Saif
Ronza Saif
12 May 2017
We booked with Dimas for our post wedding and honeymoon shoot.Dimas.. I'm completely blown away!! There is no word can describe how amazing and beautiful your work is! I was so lucky finding you on Instgram and even luckier that we got a chance to book with you, the photos are beautiful !!! we are so happy with every single photo! you are such an amazing photographer ! thank you so much for everything !!
Client picture: Angel Wicky
Angel Wicky
06 May 2017
I met with Dimas during my holiday at Koh Samui and it was amazing time!
Client picture: Desiree
29 April 2017
Dimas is an amazing and creative photographer. He captured many wonderful memories of our huge family vacation in Koh Samui. We love every single shot - all very stunning and brilliant. Thank you!
Client picture: Sarah and Tom
Sarah and Tom
21 April 2017
Dimas ... we can't thank you enough for perfectly capturing our wedding day at the W retreat. I'm so happy with every single picture and Tom and I will treasure them for life.
Client picture: Angela and Eddy
Angela and Eddy
11 April 2017
Dimas is our wedding photographer. He is absolutely the best! I actually used another well known Samui photographer for my pre-wedding pictures but he was disappointing. So on the wedding day I was actually a little nervous about the so called 'famous' photographer. However when I received the photos just a couple days ago, I was completely blown away. His work is very bright and artistic, incredibly amazing!! Everyone loves our pictures and I really can't get enough of them!! I want to thank you for taking such great pictures of us and for capturing all the great moments. I wish you can take pictures for us when we are back for anniversary a few years down the road. Highly recommended to all the friends who want to take pictures on Koh Samui!
Client picture: Fab Mira
Fab Mira
27 March 2017
Dimas сonveys the atmosphere, the emotions and juiciness of color. Everyone who is looking for a professional photographer can address him with confidence in the result. We already ordered his services twice and never regretted it. Thanks for the fabulous photos, they continue to please us, leaving the best in memory.
Client picture: Aniket and Arpita
Aniket and Arpita
27 March 2017
It was such a pleasure to work with Dimas. We had a really fun pre-wedding photo-shoot with him. Dimas is an extremely talented, professional and committed photographer, he was the perfect choice for our pre-wedding photo-shoot. He captured all our emotions, laughter and love perfectly!The photographs delivered to us were absolutely stunning! He made us feel so comfortable and had such a fantastic eye for detail. Thank you Dimas for making us look so fabulous! We will treasure the photos forever.
Client picture: Tomas and Erinija
Tomas and Erinija
15 March 2017
We had a beautiful day with Dimas. We enjoyed every minute of our photoshoot. He is very professional and fun to work with. Our wedding photos were just perfect. Thank you Dimas
Client picture: Dominic Geiser
Dominic Geiser
17 February 2017
We met with Dimas recently during our first family trip overseas with our three month old son. Our shoot took place at the Conrad Koh Samui, where we were staying for our friends' wedding, and Dimas took some fantastic shots in our villa as well as overlooking the hotel grounds, pool and beach. He was professional throughout but above all friendly, engaging and patient - not easy to capture the right shots with a fussy, squirming baby! It was a fun experience and we were delighted with the photographs that arrived a few weeks afterwards. Thank you, Dimas!
Client picture: Chelsi and Ryan
Chelsi and Ryan
17 February 2017
Working with Dimas was such an incredible experience. I would highly recommend to anybody planning a wedding in Koh Samui to use him as their photographer. He was extremely professional, and so much fun to work with. From using the natural landscape as a background, to the exact angle of the sun and how it reflects off the water, and even to our proper poses to create the picture perfect shot. He knew it all and how to bring out the beautiful surroundings into every photo to make it special. My husband and I were at a loss for words when we got our wedding photos back. Dimas truly captured our vision and that day will last a lifetime for us thanks to his incredible photos. Five stars all around!!!!!!!
Client picture: Pinky and Robin
Pinky and Robin
19 January 2017
Thanks you for your helping! We have a good shooting experience.Dimas is nice and easy going, he listens to us and provided good suggestions.We got many photos more then what he promise to us, and we both love the photos
Client picture: Carlos and Jimena
Carlos and Jimena
16 January 2017
Thanks for a great experience! you were really fun to work with, very funny, but professional at the same time! We had some ideas of pics we wanted and you work through all of them as we expected! we will have the best memories of our wedding thanks to you; the photos were wonderful!
Client picture: Orry
13 January 2017
I met up with Dimas last year when I was on holiday in Koh Samui. Well what can I say? He is fantastic and I would recommend his work to anyone who is looking for a professional photoshoot. Dimas you are amazing and keep doing what you do best. Cheers buddy! Till we meet again.
Client picture: Jami & Ramon
Jami & Ramon
13 January 2017
Thank you, Dimas, for such a wonderful experience. After being together for 12 years, all we wanted for our wedding celebration was to take amazing photos together, which we had never done before. You had so much patience for our lack of modeling experience : ) and ensured that every single one of our photos turned out beautifully. All of our friends and family are jealous! You gave us an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives, and for that we are forever grateful!
Client picture: K?tlin and Urmo
K?tlin and Urmo
04 January 2017
Hi Dimas, New year came with snow and minus degrees. Opposite to the weather in Thailand. Thank you very much for the photos. They are awesome! It’s going to be very difficult to pick the best ones out for the album :) It was great meeting you and we really enjoyed the photoshoot! Happy new year!
Client picture: Jessica & Hansel
Jessica & Hansel
01 January 2017
Dimas was easy to work with (maybe a little over adventurous but we loved his energy), a great director
Client picture: Juliane Veitz
Juliane Veitz
14 December 2016
Thank you Dimas. You have allowed our familyshooting on Koh Samui. You are an excellent artist and you have an eye for details. We can recommend you. Thanks for the wonderful photos of a wonderful time.
Client picture: Ekaterina
24 October 2016
Dimas, I'd love to say thank u for such a beautiful pics and great experience) I've been leaving in Koh Samui for two years and I thought that everything was under exploration. But u've managed to show me this very island from the new perspective: unbelievable hinterland, hidden beaches and untouched parts of lovely paradise named Samui. Thanks a lot! Wish u every success and good luck to u!
Client picture: Mary Jane Sousa 
Mary Jane Sousa
24 October 2016
Dimas is not a photographer is the photographer that you need . He is different from all the photographers I have ever worked, his photos have something more than a simple image, they have compassion a feeling , a story , i dont have words to describe . Just thank you Dimas for making me feel beautiful
Client picture: Taha Al Lawati
Taha Al Lawati
20 October 2016
I am from Sultanate of Oman (GCC). Dimas is a great photographer. He is really experienced in choosing the right location right pauses for your photo shoot objectives. Dimas is professional and transparent. He likes what he is doing and he does it in a very different way. His delivery time is fast and the end result is exceeding expectation. I really recommend Dimas for your photo shoot :)
Client picture: Tiff and Nick
Tiff and Nick
07 October 2016
Thank you Dimas for taking amazing pictures for our wedding! We love the photos. We are amazed about your expertise around Koh Samui and the beautiful beaches you took us to. We fell in love with your photos over instagram (all the way from San Francisco) and we were not disappointed with the unforgettable photos you took of us. Our families couldn't wait to see the photos. Thank you!
Client picture: Emma and Mikael
Emma and Mikael
06 October 2016
Thank you so much! You.made our wedding most special and unforgettable, we could be very grateful for all you did for us. Your photos are amazing and fabulous, every time i see the photos, they will remind me of my gracious moments of my wwdding,my family,my love and all my good memories in Koh Samui! Thanks,Dimas,hope to meet you again!
Client picture: Chesley Verbond
Chesley Verbond
16 September 2016
We Found Dimas trough google and he had a spot left on our holiday to Kohsamui last august. He was kind and helpfull with the ideas for the shoot. The day of the shoot went relaxed and he gave my fiance and I directions during the shoot. We could't wait for the full 3 weeks so we stalked him a bit, but the end results made the wait worth.Pictures and memories for life and were glad that we piked the talented Dimas from kohsamui. We are truly in love with the pictures thank you!
Client picture: Naomi & Mike
Naomi & Mike
28 July 2016
I've looked through all those photos a thousand times, they are perfect. Mike and I cannot thank you enough for your work at our wedding, you have a real eye for catching lovely moments, and see things that the rest of us don't! We are so happy with how they all turned out. Thanks again Dimas and all the best! Naomi & Mike
Client picture: Slava Elantsev
Slava Elantsev
27 July 2016
I would like to thank Dmitry for that great day! We made a birthday present for my mom, she finally came of age, 50 :) Dima advised a good makeup artist and hair stylists, so they came in the morning and made a princess out of our queen :) Then we moved to locations which we discussed earlier, Dima has a lot options there, so anyone can find what he likes the most. Dima is both a professional and a great personality, we discussed literally everything while moving between different locations. Dima knows the island well, so he also gave us advices on our future stay. My mom felt really convenient and relaxed, and it's really important to have that type of connection with a photographer - jokes, smiles! And finally when we got the photos we were very satisfied! Great shots with quality postproduction where needed, just returned to that day! Would definitely advise to all my friends who comes to Samui and want to save the moments from the trip to the whole life. :)
Client picture: Annael Krief Even Tsur
Annael Krief Even Tsur
01 June 2016
I would like to Thank Dimas  I wanted really beautiful pictures for My pregnancy, and I find a réal professionnal.  He was asking me to take some position And some postures i didnt understand until I saw The result  And Its amazing! Breathtaking  Me My husband And futur baby Want to Thanks Dimas for this amazing shoots
Client picture: Becky Masar & Family
Becky Masar & Family
10 May 2016
We loved the photos Dimas captured of us on our special family vacation. There were a lot of us and he was great at organizing us, getting great shots of groups and of individuals. He was also efficient and easy to work with so we were able to get so many great photos during our session. These are photos our family will treasure forever. We are so happy we connected with him. Thank you Dimas!
Client picture: Ty and Yufei
Ty and Yufei
21 April 2016
We were absolutely thrilled with the photos Dimas took of our family. He is friendly, imaginative, and professional and his experience really showed with the children. Thank you!
Client picture: Liana & Leo
Liana & Leo
14 March 2016
We had a lot of fun having our pictures taken by Dimas. He took us to three different locations, each beautiful and unique in its own way. Even though one of the beach was quite crowded, the pictures still come out like we are in our own little paradise. The price he charges is very reasonable, considering he only charges for the photoshoot and not the transit. Would definitely recommend that you contact him to get some gorgeous pictures taken if you happen to be in Samui.
Client picture: Mirko, Thorsten and Wifes and Kids
Mirko, Thorsten and Wifes and Kids
04 March 2016
Very good work, very professional, thanks a lot, would definitely book Dimas gain, recommended!!
Client picture: Siyun Liu
Siyun Liu
20 January 2016
Dimas is a professional photographer with passion, imagination, creativity and charms! The photos he took for us are fantastic and we love it so much!! Wish there will be more opportunities to invite him as our photographer !
Client picture: Michael & Maria
Michael & Maria
11 January 2016
We just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for our fabulous wedding photographs.We really feel like we can re-live the day each time we look at them.On the day Dimas was everything we had hope, he was professional yet friendly.He created a fun atmosphere but also captured the emotional moments.Dimas ability not to miss a moment is in credible, and his energy and passion comes across in the photos.Thank you again for making me feel like a princess on the most important day in ours life!!!
Client picture: Julie Wang
Julie Wang
08 January 2016
Dimas is a very talented photographer, who also cares for your needs and expectations a lot. My husband and I enjoyed the shooting process on our wedding day very much. We also love the photos!!,THANK YOU DIMAS!!
Client picture: Céline Russo
Céline Russo
27 December 2015
Who is the best person to talk about a photographer than another photographer who's actually also modelling for years. I am very perfectionnist and so Dimas is!!! If you ever come to visit Samui, don't hesitate!
Client picture: Ceci + Owen
Ceci + Owen
23 December 2015
Very professional photographer! Dimas, you gave me a wonderful pre-wedding experience.
Client picture: Elena + Michael
Elena + Michael
23 December 2015
Dimas, good evening. Finally found the time and I gathered my thoughts, to express to you the emotions that have always been with us, but because I did not understand the reasons for not getting it done early. I am still impressed and delighted with your work, because whatever you do, do all your advice, words of farewell and wishes - it is very necessary and useful information that we need so much and was very helpful in the preparation and conduct of the day. For a huge thank you! I would also like to say thanks for your mobility and activity in the process of shooting. You have time to be everywhere and shoot not only all the significant and touching moments, but also many beautiful and, most importantly, the unexpected pictures, which I never knew existed. This is really important, therefore, for this special thanks. I especially want to highlight your attention and perhaps to some extent your patience to the guests. You are able to meet the quality of work and his approach is absolutely all, even the most critical to their "models". Insanely pleased to hear from visitors to your address many good words. Thank you for this. I want to say so much good and enjoyable in your address, but nice words disappeared somewhere. I am very, very happy photos, pleased with the process and those memories that remain. We do not know for so long, but I can safely say that the first thing you just sincere and nice people. We wish you a further development, boundless inspiration and enormous pleasure from both work and life!
Client picture: Artem + Yana
Artem + Yana
23 December 2015
Hi Dimas, your work looked very beautiful photos, as always-all at the highest level, everything looks natural and naturally that can not fail to delight and enthrall)))) You are cool -you are the best pictures I met, to continue to develop and delight us with their works😘😘😘 We wait look new photos from you👍👍👍
Client picture: Ruslan + Anastasiya
Ruslan + Anastasiya
23 December 2015
Thank you very much Dimas Frolov and your assistant, for fantastic atmosphere and excellent mood! It was easy to work with you, and most importantly it is moral support from you, as the nerves sometimes passed)) When received photos the feeling that survived that day again! Photos are just marvelous !!! Friends from Moscow still delighted with our photos !! Thank you so much !!)))
Client picture: Anton + Inessa
Anton + Inessa
23 December 2015
Dimas we work not first time. It all started with a wedding, then there was a photoshoot in our pregnancy, and in a year was a photoshoot with our baby. With Dimas we felt calm and relaxed while working, and in the end you get excellent quality photos. Thank you very much for that chronicled the happiest and brightest moments of our lives!
Client picture: Vlad + Marina
Vlad + Marina
23 December 2015
If you want a photo shoot in a easy, friendly and joyful atmosphere, if you need professionality, highly skilled professionals and a nice person if you are interested in a chic result on your photos - Dimas is the photographer that you need. We chose a wedding photographer guided - a good result and laid-back attitude of the photographer, and got a nice appendage - a good mood created by Dimas and chic, gorgeous wedding photos.
Client picture: Gleb + Victory
Gleb + Victory
23 December 2015
Photos are wonderful, all very much. And with you was a pleasure to work with. I hope our family will have many more important events that your team will help us save. :)
Client picture: Vadim + Stella
Vadim + Stella
23 December 2015
Dimas, seeing pictures in parallel with Vadim, though on Skype) Well, what can I say - we loved it! Very cool all turned out, some pictures are fascinating ... I probably have to look around 5)) You fine fellow! Thank you very, very glad that it was you who was our photographer !!!
Client picture: Alexandr+ Ksenia
Alexandr+ Ksenia
23 December 2015
In preparation for the wedding we knew - on what NOT to save! Check the all Internet in search of a photographer and as a result chose Dimas Frolov. When meeting with the photographer before "the most important day in our life" we got a lot of tips, advice useful for taking pictures. Dimas suggested some ideas and themes for our photo shoot, recommend a stylist and makeup artist. So, in preparation for the wedding we had the right contacts, new ideas swirling in my head, and it was enough time to implement them. On the wedding day is all very nervous, darting thoughts to one another. Naturally wanted everything to be perfect. And that photo shoot. 5 hours on the feet !!! Oh, the horror !!! And the whole day ahead ... .. Time for a photo shoot flew very quickly and easily. My husband and I got a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. It was a great trip. Dimas worked almost invisible to us. Only when it was necessary, he told us what to do and how we can become. And then, after a while my husband and I received the long-awaited photos. When viewing their wedding we have covered emotions. Insanely beautiful pictures !!! Photographer bothered at all 200%. We review them several times - each time getting pleasure from it. From the enormous weight made frames Dimas selected the most-best. All images have been processed. The colors are bright, juicy and alive. Removed all of our emotions that we experienced that day and left on the pictures on the rest of our lives !!! I applaud you for your talent !!! Bravo and thank you very much !!! P.S. Dimas, the first photo shoot in the life of their child to do I shall come to you !!!
Client picture: Cherry Chen
Cherry Chen
25 October 2015
It's a really nice experience to work with Dima. Good suggestion for the shooting pose, professional shooting skill. And the most important thing is that there's always pleasant smile on Dima's face. See you next time in Ko samui. Thank you :)
Client picture: Mary Shevchuk
Mary Shevchuk
10 October 2015
Super grateful for amazing experiance!  Professional photographer and great person! Very helpful, understanding during the photoshoot. Insanely happy with the result! On pictures I look soooo pretty, makes me to overevaluate my appearance haha Fast retouching, pics were sent in big resolution!  Missing Thailand, next time I'm there for sure will do another shoot with Dima!
Client picture: Alina Lehmann
Alina Lehmann
04 October 2015
Thank you Dimas for a great photoshooting on our wedding day!!! From the start we had the feeling we are working with a real professional, Dimas told us exactly what to do and knew very well what he wanted. We had the impression that there was not a single shot wasted, he was arranging every single picture with high accuracy. So we had very high expectations and they were even topped !! Everyone we know was asking us about the photos , because in Austria, where we live, it is impossible to find a wedding photographer of such class, and if you find one, it will cost you appriximately around 3000€. So the pictures made a huge impression on our friends&family. I have to say that I am VERY sceptical about photographers, I did some photoshootings when I was younger and in most cases, I didn't like how I looked)))) but I have the impression Dimas knows exactly how women want to look and how they DON'T want to look so he is really bringing the best out of you in his work!
Client picture: Alex and Kristina
Alex and Kristina
26 August 2015
Thank you, Dimas, for what you have been our guide in a fairy tale. Imagination can't draw these magical places. Thank you for what you've become a creator of our memories.Now we have a place where we can get back on a cold winter evening ))) You're a magician! We want to say a lot of nice words, but our thoughts are confused, our eyes are drunk, and smiles on our faces))
Client picture: Andrej-Aljona Parfjonovi
Andrej-Aljona Parfjonovi
07 August 2015
I would highly recommend Dimas to any couple that is planing to get married on Samui Island. Dimas truly captured the emotion of joy, laughter and love. Its obvious he knew exactly what he was doing with every shot. The pictures we got are amazing!!! Thank you very much! Alona & Andrej (Russian latvians who living in Norway) :)))
Client picture: Eugenia
23 May 2014
Dimas, everything is super!
I have boasted your work done - all in riotous delight! Now you can prepare for the autumn season)